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Available at Nautical Supplies, Italian made Hertz Marine Audio offers a range of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and source units.

Hertz Marine is made for marine environments and features design advantages such as water jet resistance, vibration proof construction, UV Thermal shock, humidity and corrosion resistance. Hertz products are made especially for providing a soundtrack to your adventures on the water.

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Marine Speakers

Bring a sound experience on board for your next boating adventure. Designed to last, the Hertz speaker range features a wide array of grilles, colors and sizes, to complement a range of vessel styles.

Last but not least, Hertz Marine subwoofers will bring the bass with outstanding output to bring your sound to life.

Marine Grade Source Units

User friendly and engineered for fun on the water, Hertz marine grade source units are readable at all times and include high quality stereo outputs, making it simple to control your favourite playlist.

Premium Class Towers

Both sporty and powerful, Hertz Marine Towers will light up your parties, creating an impressively detailed high-output sound and an exclusive color lighting experience, making your special

High-Power Amplifiers

Hertz Marine amplifiers are made to withstand the rugged marine conditions on board, delivering premium audio quality even with the most demanding installation, thanks to built-in DSP and the unmatched power-to-size ratio.

hertz products