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Watermakers Sales, Spares and Service

A Parker Hannifin brand, Sea Recovery watermakers offer the convenience of freshwater available at any time. Extend your cruising, or operational time away from shore with fresh water available at any time. Automatic or manual models available.

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Aqua Whisper Pro Watermaker

Aqua Whisper Pro Watermaker

Mid to Large Yachts

The Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker is suited for charter, offshore fishing, and ocean cruising. Its traditional manual functions and touch-pad control panel allows simple operation and digital + analog instrumentation for redundancy. The Aqua Whisper Pro’s high pressure pump is engineered to be quieter than conventional high pressure pumps, and operates for 2,500 hours before any maintenance is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic FWF on frame.
  • Automatic shutdown option.
  • Robust, fail-safe design.
PRO Mini Watermaker

PRO Mini Watermaker

Small Power Boats and Sailboats

The low-hassle ProMini is engineered to fit anywhere. Measuring at about 2 - 3 cubic feet, sail and small power boaters have the opportunity and the convenience of a Sea Recovery watermaker without space restrictions. Featuring a simple interface, the ProMini can be monitored via the control panel or remote (optional). The ProMini can produce up to 7, 15, 23, or 31 gallons of fresh water per hour and is the perfect seaworthy companion for the solo cruiser.

Features & Benefits

  • Smallest line of watermaker.
  • Easy access to main components.
  • Low AC power consumption.
  • Maximum system weight is 130 lbs
aqua matic Watermaker

Aqua Matic Watermaker

Mid to Mega Yachts

The Aqua Matic watermaker features automatic operation with a touchscreen control panel that allows simple touch-and-go operations. Product water quality is now displayed in a bar graph format. Regulation and monitor systems function without the need of an operator. Sea Recovery’s highpressure design includes double O-ring seals on duplex stainless steel fittings to ensure leak-proof operation.

Features & Benefits

  • An automated screen informs the operator of required maintenance.
  • Available in a small footprint, compact frame for easy installation.
  • Full color, touchscreen remote control.
  • Ability to display in multiple languages.
aquamatic dual pass Watermaker

Aqua Matic Dual Pass Watermaker

Mid to Mega Yachts

A specialized watermaker and most revolutionary member of the Sea Recovery Family. Specialized for those demanding ultra-pure and clean potable water. Use Ultra-Pure Water to Leave Your Boat Spotless and Clean. Titanium high pressure pump provides an extended life cycle with salt water compatibility and quiet operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest capacity to footprint/weight ratio.
  • Up to 3400 GPD from sea water.
  • Self-contained, plug and play system.
  • Titanium high pressure pump provides an extended life cycle with salt water compatibility and quiet operations.
  • Flexible installation and easy to operate.
  • Globally supported by a network of more than 300 dealers and distributors.
aquamatic xl Watermaker

Aqua Matic XL Watermaker

Large to Mega Yachts

Robust Engineering and Innovative Design by Sea Recovery’s Engineering Team. Smooth operation and the lowest sound emission in the industry are gained through the design of specific high-pressure pumps ideally matched for flow and pressure characteristics.

Constructed of a lightweight, epoxy-coated frame, both the compact and modular series units utilize only the highest quality marine grade materials and components. Upgrading a model to a higher watermaking capacity is done by simply installing additional reverse osmosis membranes to the desalination system. Unique among watermakers, Sea Recovery delivers complete R.O. systems, ready to produce water immediately after installation. All plumbing for on board use is also included.

Features & Benefits

  • Installation connection & piping (marine vessel installations).
  • All system readings can be selected to display either U.S. standard or metric measurements.
  • Tank level switches may be installed to control shut down and also prevent start up if the tanks are full.
  • All aspects of operation are displayed on straight forward screens providing simple, intuitive information and directions.
  • For those who demand simplicity, excellence, automation, elite technology, and low maintenance, the Aqua Matic XL is the only choice.
ultroclear df Watermaker


1,200 GPD to 2,400 GPD

The Ultro Clear DF works with your RO system to convert sea water to double purified water. Its reliable piping connection allows direct feed that activates an automatic operation, and produces spot free water when water is directly fed into the system.

Ultra-pure water is 99% free of water solids. Perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, and extending the life of your boating equipment. It gently lifts debris and dries spot free.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct feed from watermaker.
  • Simple, reliable, and easy to use.
  • Highly efficient, fully automatic operation.
  • Spot free rinse.
ltm series Watermaker

LTM Series Modular Watermakers

145 - 1,800 GPD – 530 - 6,800 LPD

The LTM Series offers high quality Parker Village Marine engineered components with straightforward manual operation. Driven by AC motors, the modular configuration comes in ready to mount modules for flexible installation options. Integral to every LTM unit is a control manifold, which includes a regulator and a bypass valve.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder coated mounting brackets included.
  • 5 micron cleanable prefilter.
  • Control manifold pressure regulator ensures consistent pressure and prevents over or under pressurization of the unit. Adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water.
  • Magnetic drive boost pump.
  • High quality spiral wound TFC reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Stainless steel glycerin filled pressure gauges.
  • High pressure plunger pump with stainless steel 316 head.
h2o-eco Watermaker

H2O ECO The Revolutionary Energy Recovery Watermarker

17 - 25 Gal/Hour – 63 - 95 Lit/Hour

The new Patent Pending Energy recovery Device H2O ECO is engineered for boaters with limited power options. Featuring automatic operation, it is ideal for Catamarans and sail boats.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy recovery device - Recovers up to 14.5% of power on all models
  • AC and DC models available
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Compact configuration