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The original plastic fender

Polyform AS was established in 1955 and was the first company in the world to produce inflatable, all-plastic net buoys and fenders. From the rough North Atlantic waters to the sunny tropics Polyform Norway products are made to withstand the toughest conditions and strains.

Nautical Supplies offer large range of buoys and fenders available for a large variety of uses. Contact us for your boat requirements.

polyform A series

A Series Buoy

All purpose buoys and fenders are available in various colours. High strength A series buoys are designed with reinforced rope holds for maximum durability.

Polyforms A-series with its easily recognizable ribbed, reinforced ropeholds and the seamless construction of the Polyform buoys and fenders are part of the reasons why professional users all over the world.

polyform F series

F Series Buoy

Heavy duty fenders - F-series cylindrical fenders have set the standard for heavy duty fenders for close to 60 years. The easily recognizable blue, rib-reinforced rope holds are solid right trough and are made by high pressure injection molding that secures the highest breaking strength.

Polyform F-series cylindrical fenders feature high abrasive resistance and high energy absorption (up to 3.8 ton meter for F-13) making them suitable for ships of up to 1500 ton d/w (F-13).

polyform G series

G Series Fender

Heavy duty fenders - The Polyform G-fenders are blow molded from marine-grade Vinyl material. Intended to be used for typically light-weight utility fenders - but still designed with re-enforcing ribs along the length of the fender body - to assure added strength and abrasion resistance. These fenders are fitted with the full-size POLYFORM® V-10 all-plastic valve and securing valve screw.The G-fenders are suitable for smaller and medium size pleasure crafts.

polyform hdf series

HDF Series Fender

Heavy duty fenders - Strong, durable air-filled fenders for commercial crafts. Produced in one piece with extra reinforced rope holds. The HDF fenders are roto-molded from a strong, 8/12 mm thick semi-soft thermo-plastic material. High abrasion resistance and light weight. Resistant to seawater, cleaning agents, common solvents, mineral oil and UV-light.

polyform mb series

MB Series Buoy

Mooring buoys - The MB-series buoys are mainly used for mooring, marking of fishing gear and cables, pipelines, and different other surface installations. The MB-series buoys are roto-molded from polyethylene (PE) and filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), guaranteeing a compressive strength of 5 mH2O and a density of 250kg /m3. The buoys come complete with hot dip galvanized armature and swivel.