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Sleipner Side-Power Thrusters & Vector Fin Stabilisation

Sleipner world-leading technical solutions of thruster and vector fin systems that consistently improve safety and comfort at sea, setting the benchmark for the boating of tomorrow. For more details contact Nautical Supplies or download brochure to view Sleipner thruster range.

Bow & Stern Thrusters

Sleipner Side-Power dealers offering over 120 models of thrusters for vessels ranging from 30’ to 100’. The range includes DC Thrusters, Retractable thrusters, Electric AC and Hydraulic models to suit a range of vessels and configurations.

DC Electric Tunnel Thrusters

DC Electric Tunnel Thrusters

The Sleipner SE series are the base for most of Sleipner’s extensive range of DC electric thrusters.

They are fitted in a tunnel through the bow, or into stern tunnels to use as stern thrusters.

The electric motors, solenoids, patented IPC safety system and the mechanical parts of the propulsion system are all purpose built, utilizing the extensive experience gained through years of leadership in the global thruster market.

sleipner Retractable thrusters sr series

Retractable Thrusters

Retractable thrusters for use in boats with shallow or flat bottomed hulls, or as an alternative to tunnel openings in the hull

Designed in true Sleipner spirit with reliability and durability as main factors, they are exceptionally sturdy and compact with the same high performance as all other Sleipner thrusters.

Unique advantages by use of the latest technology including S-link intelligent bus control provides a further benefit in use and control for the operator. Available also as speed control versions with the designation SRP

ac electric thrusters

AC Electric Tunnel Thrusters

Standard range designed for 230V / 400V

The SAC series is manufactured taking advantage of experiences gained through years of volume production, resulting in a very cost efficient, high quality product. All AC components are selected from brand name manufacturers ensuring the best quality and worldwide support. Standard range is designed for 230V / 400V. Setup for alternative power supply specifications can be delivered on request.

The innovative S-link™ control system ensures fast and troublefree installation, and gives you the unique option to combine hydraulic and AC thrusters in a single control environment. All with variable speed control.


Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters

For when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required.

For many vessels, a hydraulic system makes economic sense since several functions can run off one central hydraulic source. Once the basic system is in place (pump, reservoir, cooler), adding a function is simply a matter of adding a relatively inexpensive hydraulic valve.

Sleipner's hydraulic systems are designed for ultimate reliability, performance and easy installation. For the installer, perhaps the most important feature of any hydraulic system is that they are delivered ready for installation.

Sleipner Zero Speed Vector Stabiliser Fins

Award winning Sleipner Zero Speed Vector Fins. Gen2 Stabilising System, is 1.5 times more efficient than flat stabiliser fins

Electric Vector Fins

Electric Vector Fins™

The 3rd generation Vector Fins™ are more efficient underway and at anchor. For faster boats the lift from the fins results in improved fuel efficiency compared to flat fins.

New Electric Gen3 stabilising fins are up to twice as effective compared to flat fins, with the curved design providing lift and up to 20% better fuel economy!

New Gen3 Vector fin Stabilizers electric actuator patented design isolates the moving, mechanical high-torque gears - a great noise cancellation solution reducing about 92% of structural born noise from the actuator. They deliver significantly more roll-reducing forces from 0-40 knots. The improved lift-to-drag ratio gives better fuel efficiency compared to flat fins. Up to twice as energy efficient at anchor. Choose between hydraulic and electric actuators. Enquire for more information.

Easy retrofit - The compact actuator design is cleverly engineered around a frameless torque motor and harmonic drive strain wave gear. Easier installation with flange and bolt-lock.