The Doctor is in.. stock. Fuel Doctor now available at Nautical Supplies.

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Nautical Supplies Darwin, (and new Cairns location) will now stock Fuel Doctor, an extremely effective fuel conditioner previously only available via Automotive or Industrial distributors in the region. Fuel Doctor is ideal for marine use, removing microbial material, gums, varnish, carbon deposits and other contaminants from the vessel's often difficult to reach tank.

Fuel Doctor’s formulation increases thermal efficiency, equating to a nominal increase in power, economy, plus a decrease in particulate (unburnt fuel). The benefits also include reduced unpleasant fuel smell in diesel powered watercraft.

The product breaks down contaminants to pass harmlessly through to combustion, with no detrimental effects to the system. Available now and in stock at Nautical Supplies, the complete range from 250ml application to 25L drums for larger applications

Watch how effective the product is here, reacting with contaminated fuel:

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Marine Fuel before (left) and after treatment with Fuel Doctor to remove contaminants.