Safe Boating for the Cyclone Season

Cyclone Season in parts of Northern Australia can be a dangerous time of year for boaters and commercial operators. Help to minimise risk to your crew and vessel by checking on important equipment critical for operating safely or securing the boat.

This can include:

  • Checking your safety gear is working correctly and in date, such as life jackets, life rafts, EPIRBs and flares.
  • Checking Communications equipment like VHF radio
  • Buoys and Fenders for protecting the vessel when secured
  • Ensuring the anchor, ropes and chain are in good condition and can take any additional strain from rough seas or high winds

If you have any concerns about protecting your boat for the cyclone season, or would like to book in a life raft or life jacket service, contact your nearest Nautical Supplies, branches in Darwin and Cairns, Australia.

Wet Season Specials, valid until December 22nd, 2022:

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