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JRC are experts in the field of commercial grade marine electronics equipment for professional mariners, offering feature packed solutions in navigation, satellite communications, sonar, GMDSS and VHF Radio. Founded in 1915, JRC has a history of innovation and a wide range of products for commercial fishing, shipping and support vessels.

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jrc JMA 3400 Radar

JMA 3400 Radar

The newest addition to the JRC radar portfolio is the JMA-3400 series. This lightweight radar has user-friendly operation system and is specially designed for fishing boats, non-international trading vessels and workboats. The system can be completed by choosing from a variety of 2 ft, 3.9 ft, 4 ft and 6 ft scanners.


  • 12.1-inch fully dimmable display
  • High-visibility by glass-bonded display
  • Chart overlay (NAVIONICS+)
  • Real Time Head-up Function (Constaview)
  • Variety of compact X-band scanner units
  • High speed version available
  • Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime
  • Light-weight design
  • Latest technologies included
  • Multi-Language

jrc sounder black box

Echo Sounder Black Box

The JFC-180 is an innovative, blackbox echo sounder which is capable of displaying 4 different frequencies at the same time, providing the operator greatly enhanced fish detection. It is easier to differentiate between the various fish species, large shoals of fish and the seabed, resulting in better targeted catches and contributing to conservation of fish stocks.


  • Advanced 3 kW transducer
  • Black box design
  • Dedicated keyboard
  • XGA display resolution output
  • Flexible interfacing
  • Digital signal processing technology
  • Simultaneous display of four frequencies
  • One touch memory buttons
  • Long range detection
  • Energy saving mode

jrc gps-compass-inc-display

GPS Compass

The JLR-21 GPS compass continues the success of its predecessor, reaching a new level of performance and stability with many new features and enhancements. This system is also known as a 3D Dynamic Sensor™, which besides giving heading information, is designed to provide highly accurate information of the ships movement in all axis.


  • 5.7-inch high visibility display
  • Roll, pitch, rate of turn and heave integrated
  • IMO type-approved as Transmitting Heading Device(THD) and Satellite navigator(GPS)
  • High speed tracking response (ROT 45°/sec)
  • Wide range of new display modes available
  • Dynamic heading accuracy 0.5° rms

jrc gps navigation

GPS Navigator

The JLR-7900 GPS navigator will locate your position fast and with high accuracy, keeping the unit compact and easy to install. Up to 1,000 waypoints can be stored in the internal memory. All waypoints can be named and renamed up to sixteen characters. You can make 20 routes with 50 waypoints per route, which can be entered randomly, and there's room for 2,000 points for ships' track and up to 1,000 for events and marks.

The JRC MID incorporates many display modes readily available on a highly visible 4.5-inch LCD display. Besides the display being fully dimmable and having backlit keys, it features dual LED backlight (white and orange), making it easy to operate in various light settings on the bridge. Multiple display modes are available from the menu with main data displayed in large characters for easy reading. You can easily switch at your own convenience, particularly useful when a situation requires specific information.

jrc navtex

Navtex Receiver

The high-performance NCR-333 navtex integrates a high visibility LCD display, shares the same simple configuration as its predecessor and contributes to improved safety at sea.


  • 5.7 inch Wide LCD Screen
  • Automatic Tune Function by GPS
  • Full meet latest IMO
  • 3 receiving frequencies
  • Printerless type
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy operation
  • External Printer (Option)
  • Navtex data export function for Integrated Navigation System (ECDIS or etc.)