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Zipwake Trim System of Choice for Darwin Custom Works

NT News, September 24th, 2016.

Darwin Boat Builders Custom Works have been fitting Trim Tab Systems on larger Tourism boats for some time, allowing the Skipper to easily trim the boat when encountering uneven passenger weight distribution, and enable passengers to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Zipwake Interceptor

On a recent visit to Perth, Proprietor Dale Smith was introduced to the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System on a 48 foot West Coaster operated by Halco Lures. Zipwake came highly recommended for performance and its simple installation. This particular vessel used three modular Zipwake Series-S Interceptors on both sides of the transom, commonly linked by the distribution unit. Any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of Series-S interceptors, thus allowing a total of six interceptors without any need for additional connectors or power supply.

Custom Works, with two 7.6m tourism boats on order, decided that Zipwake was the product of choice after seeing the system in action.

Supplied as a complete kit with all the components required for the install, Custom Works partnered with Nautical Supplies, who had the systems ready available in stock. The system proved to be easy to install with only one interceptor each side required on the 7.6m vessels.

Upon sea trials Zipwake’s automatic roll and pitch feature held these big boats level no matter how much weight was distributed. The speed at which the system corrected the roll was impressive, allowing those on board to move around the boat without compromising the balance or ride.

It truly is a ‘set and forget’ product, leaving the Skipper with one less thing to worry about when underway.

Custom Works are now fitting the Zipwake system as standard equipment on larger vessels with the next boat a 7.6m Training vessel for the Education Department.

Nautical Supplies, a long established specialist supplier for Northern Australia’s commercial, industrial and private marine sectors, has provided a wide range of quality products to compliment Custom Works OEM boat building, including Survey Safety equipment, and chandlery.

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