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NS Altex Yachting and Boat Paints New Products

Altex Anti-Foul Range

Altex Anti Foul range offers hull protection, reduced fuel consumption and minimal colour washout, with products designed to suit a variety of hull substrates. Options available for sailing and ocean going pleasure craft, trailer yachts, dinghies and power boats. Full compatibility and preparation information available.

Download the Data Sheets:

AY&B No.5 Antifouling PDS.pdf
AY&B Pettit Vivid® Antifouling PDS

Altex Yacht and Boat Paint

With over 60 years of marine coatings development, Altex yacht and boat paints are proven performers in Australian waters. Designed for both DIY boat owners and professional painters our products are easy to apply, readily available, cost effective and backed by a strong sales and technical support team. Products range from single pack primers and top coats to high performance epoxy high build undercoats and two pack polyurethane finishes.

Altex also boast a range of wood coatings, resins, fillers and ancillary products. Our well respected and widely used antifoulings are available for both steel and aluminium hulls.

From fishing trawlers to super yachts we can supply exactly what you need for just about any substrate you are painting.

Download the Data Sheets:

Altex Primers

AY&B Epoxy Aluminium Primer (CF) PDS
AY&B Epoxy Aluminium Primer (NZ) PDS.pdf
AY&B Epoxy Primer PDS
AY&B MultiPurpose Primer PDS
AY&B PrimaShield Antifouling Sealer PDS

Altex Undercoats

AY&B Epoxy Barrier Undercoat PDS
AY&B Polyurethane Undercoat PDS
AY&B Surfacer Undercoat PDS

Altex Topcoats

AY&B Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane PDS.
AY&B Elite® Pro Spray_Linear Polyurethane PDS
AY&B Regatta Gloss Enamel PDS

Altex Resin

AY&B Epoxy Resin PDS
AY&B Epoxy Glue PDS
AY&B Epoxy Spot Filler 1 1 PDS

Altex Woodcoats

AY&B Timbercote Exterior Varnish PDS
AY&B Everseal PDS
AY&B Epoxy TimberSealer PDS