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NT News, February 27th, 2017.

JRC Product RangeFor those who make their living on the sea, reliable electronics on-board can mean the difference between having a great day or a bad one. While there are many brands of radar and sounder available to mariners in Darwin, few offer the same pedigree of catering to fishermen as JRC (Japan Radio Company) having been designing and manufacturing for the industry since 1915.

Nautical Supplies, having extensive experience in both sales and service of electronics for local commercial operators, can recommend JRC’s standalone products for their wide range of features and special attention to making on screen menus and general navigation easy to use, and especially practical for workboats and trawlers.

JRC’s range include Fish Finders, Echo Sounders, and compact Radar models with colour and touch panel options. 


Currently on display at Nautical Supplies, the new Echo Sounder model JFC-180, a blackbox style variable quad frequency unit, is the latest in JRC’s wide electronics range. Recently released, the unit is especially useful in rough seas, with heave compensation to accurately display modes, remembering preferences whenever the unit is used.

For commercial operators, Nautical Supplies can also assist with safety requirements, including a range of Liferafts and Life Jackets/PFD products, which are SOLAS approved, as well as flares, and other mandatory on-board equipment. To compliment safety grab bags, Nautical Supplies also have Satellite Phones in stock from Inmarsat, one of the world’s most reliable and extensive networks, with a price clearance on pre-paid satphone credit. Satellite Communications products from Cobham Sailor also available.ay in high waves or difficult conditions. The quad frequency technology displays 4 frequencies simultaneously, resulting in better targeting, and the keyboard settings allow for personalised menus and preferred display modes, remembering preferences whenever the unit is used.

Read more about products for commercial mariners on and ask about their commercial services available for marine antennas, satellite equipment, navigation, radio and more.