Silent YPower Battery Chargers from Cristec

Optimal made to measure charging for a longer battery life

YPower Battery Charger

The brand new YPOWER 12-24V/30A battery charger has been designed to charge a 24V battery bank from a 12VDC power source with a smart 5-step charging curve. Thanks to a charge regulation similar to a standard shore battery charger it matches all battery types : wet and sealed Lead, Calcium Lead, gel, AGM, Lithium, etc..

The most typical case of use is the 24V bow-thruster battery bank charge from the 12V onboard network. However YPOWER 12-24V/30A charger can be used for any type of application thanks to its large scale of use, integrated protections and ergonomics.

Sleep Easy

Ypower charges can be installed even in living areas, with silent fanless operation.


• New generation technology
• Automatic and Autonomous
• Plug & play : easy connection
• Silent
• High temperature performance
• CAN-BUS interface
• Remote digital display option


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