Nautical Supplies message to customers

Dear Valued Customer,

The current COVID-19 situation is unfolding rapidly and is an unprecedented challenge for all Australians.  I wanted to reassure you that Nautical Supplies will  continuing to operate to support the marine industry throughout Australia and South East Asia, in line with any recommendations made by the relevant health authorities, both Federally and in the NT.   If you have been into our store recently, you would have noticed we have limited access as part of a suit of precautionary measures to maintain the health and safety of our customers and our staff.  Our first priority is that everyone gets home safely.

To ensure we can continue to service the industry, while complying with social distancing requirements, we are encouraging our customers to call or email us to discuss your requirements allowing us to cater for your needs whilst minimising the time required for visiting the store.   

We will  continue to provide a local delivery service to the Darwin region and have a well-established Global logistics network to help us deliver orders throughout Australia and overseas.

Where work is required on vessels, it will be a requirement that no crew come within a 4m2 radius of Nautical Staff delivering the service.    

We are keen to keep assisting as many customers as possible during this difficult time, and I trust that you will work with us to enable our services can be delivered in a safe and responsible manner.


Matthew Punch      
Managing Director