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Cook up a storm on board

NT News, November 26th, 2016.

Tecma Nelson CookerFor most boaters fishos and yachties, fishing trips and weekends on the water involve company, entertaining and food, and a lack of on-board cooking equipment can severely limit choices. With a small galley, and preparation and storage space at a premium on most mid-sized boats, having an all-in-one appliance can be extremely handy when cooking for a boating family.

Tecma’s Nelson cooker has been designed specifically for marine use, and at a compact size approximately 500x500mm, the cooker fits into most galleys as a free standing appliance or mounted on built-in gimbals. Clean and modern in design, the cooker is manufactured with a stainless steel body, a black glass oven door and recessed knobs for safety and convenience.

Full of functionality, the Nelson includes an oven, grill, and stovetop function, creating endless options to make cooking on board as easy as cooking on a home style appliance. The Nelson is now available and on display at Nautical Supplies.

When gearing up for entertaining over the holidays, now is a good time for general vessel maintenance, including checking standard items such as bilge pumps and plumbing fittings. Nautical Supplies stock a range of submersible bilge pumps for Jabsco, Marco and Johnson, including spare parts.

For the boater in the family, Nautical Supplies Vouchers are available and make a great holiday gift.

Macris MIU GreenTo create an atmosphere for fun, new Macris underwater LED lights have proven extremely popular for both night time fishing, and creating amazing underwater effects. The MIU range, new to Nautical Supplies, come in four models, ranging from 200-600mm, and a variety of standard colours such as White, Royal Blue, Ice Blue, Winter Green and Aqua. The versatile MIU range are surface mount only and simple to install. Newly released, the MIU-L10 model is a mere 200mm long, and is ideal for small vessels from 5-8m. The MIU-L10 is available in Royal and Ice Blue colour options. Above water IS Series Utility lights from Macris also available.

Visit Nautical Supplies for full specifications for products and whether suitable for your vessel requirements. More products online at, including buy online options for Navionics Electronic Charts.