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Why Pro-X Control CablesTM ?

Let's face it — you've made a substantial investment in your boat and you've got a lot riding on the line. The operation of your control cables will either give you hours of boating pleasure or cause you to regret your purchase. With so much riding on the line, wouldn't you rather go with professional grade control cables?

Features & Construction


Not all control cables are created equal! With the competing demands of higher performance and lower costs, many companies have sacrificed the long term advantages of high performance cables for the short term benefit of lower costs. That's a sacrifice we're not willing to make. HIGH PERFORMANCE PRO-X Control CablesTM feature:

"Armored" Core — Highly efficient "armored" core technology is the best in the industry. Stainless steel flat wire swaged over stainless steel stranded cable and burnished to a smooth, close tolerance finish, provides high flexibility and incredible strength.

Inner Liner — Specially processed polymer liners minimize friction for maximum efficiency. The inside diameter is precisely controlled to minimize lost motion and premature wear, problems that seem to plague most "splined" or "grooved" liners.

Conduit—A "full complement" of reinforcing wires are placed in a long lay pattern to protect the liner and inner core. The close tolerances achieved between the cable core and conduit result in minimal deflections during cable operation, assuring precise controlling action to the operator.

Outer Jacket – Heavy duty, high density non-hydroscopic polymer jacket is extruded onto the conduit for maximum cable strength and abrasion resistance.

End Fittings – 300 series stainless steel and nickel-plated brass are used throughout to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Seals & Boots – Durable polymer seals are used to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the cable.

Manufactured in the USA

Many companies outsource their manufacturing to other countries in an effort to save money, but by doing this they lose control over the manufacturing process. PRO-X Control CablesTM are manufactured the USA. Glendinning are committed to providing cables that are cost efficient yet made of the highest quality.

Best Warranty in the Industry

Glendinning give you more confidence with a PRO-X Control CableTM on board your boat by backing up their claims with a 3-year warranty.

ProPilot - Joystick Control System

Move or rotate the ProPilot joystick and the boat will move in that same direction


The ProPilot is an optional accessory that can be added to most existing and any new Glendinning control systems on boats with inboard propulsion and bow/stern thrusters.

By combining the available thrust of the boats engine and thruster(s) the Glendinning ProPilot system allows simple and intuitive boat handling even in the most unfavorable winds or currents.

Maneuvering and docking is made easy using the single joystick control. By simply moving or rotating the ProPilot joystick, the engine and thrusters will activate to effortlessly move the boat in the required direction

The ProPilot system is suitable for installation on all inboard power boats with bow thrusters (or bow and stern thrusters), and sailboats with both bow and stern thrusters fitted.

An integrated thruster control keypad provides the capability to control the thrusters directly without the need for a separate thruster panel.

Installation is extremely easy since the ProPilot joystick can be added to existing helm stations control heads with a short CANbus cable, and connected to the helm station thruster controls with plug in connectors for any brand or type of bow/stern thruster. The joystick function is customized(balanced) for each vessel using an easy to use PC program.

Glendinning Controls Overview


Since 1996 when their first electronic control system was introduced to the marine market, Glendinning has built a reputation for delivering reliable, innovative engine control systems for all applications.

Walking directly with engine manufacturers and boat builders worldwide, thousands of systems have been installed over the years.

Glendinning controls are engineered to be compatible with all electronic and/or mechanical and engines and transmissions so there is a system to suit all applications, including:

  • Sterndrives
  • Saildrives
  • Inboards
  • Outboards
  • Water Jets

CANbus technology makes for an uncomplicated installation and allows easy routing of single small gauge communication cables to add stations as required.

There's complete range of control head styles to choose from and optional selectable features as required including a complete and truly automatic integrated "back up" system.

Standard Key Features

  • Single lever control (throttle and shift in one handle)
  • 6 station capability
  • Posi-Lock gear lock out (warm mode)
  • Engine Synchronisation
  • Start interlock
  • Dual battery inputs
  • Dimmable keypad
  • full diagnostic review
  • 12v and 24volt

Optional Features


  • Handheld remote control
  • Trolling valve control
  • Integrated backup system
  • Trim/Tilt control (Outboard/Sterndrives)
  • ProPilot joystick control system (Inboard boats only)

System Compatibility

Suitable for the following boats:

  • Power boats with inboard propulsion (single or twin engine) and bow thruster (optional stern thruster)
  • Sail boats with bow and stern thrusters (compatible with retractable thrusters)

Compatible with the following engine/drive configurations:

  • Mechanical or electronically controlled engine throttles
  • Mechanical or electrically shifted transmissions
  • Mechanical or electrically controlled trolling valves (optional)

For use with all thruster brands and types, including:

  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Single speed
  • Proportional

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Complete ControlsTM by Glendinning

Glendinning has thought of everything today's savvy boater wants in electronic engine controls. From ease of installation to reliable performance, COMPLETE CONTROLS™ has it all. Compare these features and benefits with our competition's — Glendinning controls are COMPLETE.


CANbus Technology

CANbus (Controller Area Network) technology simplifies wiring and allows greater flexibility when adding control stations. Utilizing a single communication cable, up to 6 control stations can be connected anywhere along the network's path, including our optional handheld remote — great for anchor retrieval or docking movement.

Control System Configuration

No more running to the engine room to change configurations of your system! Configuration of the Complete Control System can be done from the main station control head keypad making it even easier to adjust settings.

Integrated Gear-Throttle Back Up Control (optional)

Having a back up control system for your engine's gear and throttle is like having added insurance while you are enjoying your time on the open water. If the system should fail (perhaps due to a problem with the battery power supply), simply turn the back-up system on (flip the switch) and the main station control continues to be in control of your boat's propulsion system. It's the difference between "limping home" or getting back to enjoying the moment!

Features List:


Single Lever Control — gear and throttle control are combined in a single handle, providing complete control over the speed and direction position of one engine and transmission.

"Posi-lock" Gear Lockout Capability — for maximum safety around the dock, the transmission can be locked in neutral, allowing engine throttle operation only.

Selectable Station Transfer Methods — transfer control from one station to another while maintaining engine speed or only when the control handles are in neutral gear. It's your choice!

Station Lockout Capability — want to prevent transfer of control from one station to another? The active station in control of the boat can lockout all other helm stations from taking control.

Adjustable High Idle Settings — wouldn't it be nice if the engines could be set for a higher idle speed (for example, while trollling)? Choose up to 7 high idle speeds!

Control Head Keypad Lights Dimmer — bright lights are great in bright sunlight, but can be distracting at night. Dim the brightness by simply pressing the control head buttons.

Dual battery inputs — One of the most critical needs for any electronic engine control is battery power. The Glendinning EEC3 Control Processor includes the capability for receiving power from two different batteries, ensuring that the control system operation is never interrupted.


Glendinning's COMPLETE CONTROLSTM also gives you more options in control stations. No matter what your budget, COMPLETE CONTROLS™ give you the choice of control station colors and control station types.

Glendinning designs and manufactures quality products for the marine industry. For over 30 years, their products have established a reputation for quality, reliability, and lasting value. Find out why they say, "Relax . . . we're on board!" Try Glendinning's other products: Cablemaster—shore power cable handling system / HoseMaster—water hose storage system NW Controls by Glendinning—high performance control cables / Automatic Synchronizer—makes 2 engines run as 1